Street performers at Central Park

Ballet Dancer at  bethesda terrace Central park

Ballet Dancer at bethesda terrace Central park

Street musicians at Central Park

Street musicians at Central Park

…Saturday and a fine fall evening. Like any other weekend evening, literary walk at Central Park was full of wonderful street performers and artists. As We walked across the famous literary walk and Bethesda terrace, We captured a group of young musicians on side benches of literary walk and a ballet dancer near Bethesda fountain. They were lost in passion of their art. As we clicked these pictures, while artists were almost in trance, in my mind came three stories –

1. The wonderful true story of a violinist playing in Washington Subway.
– He played for 45 minutes.
– Only 6 people stopped for a short while. His total earnings were $32.00.
– He finished with no standing ovations, no applauds.

The violinist was Joshua Bell, playing his best composition with a violin worth of $3.5 million. Two days earlier he had a houseful show with an average of $200 a seat. (read full story here – Pearls before Breakfast)

2. The famous artist Banksy, who sold his paintings worth thousands of dollars (if not millions) in $60 each in same Central Park. All he was able to earn was $420 in whole day. (You can watch the full story )

3. The famous tragic story by Kafka A hunger Artist reminding the sadness behind life of (few) artists with dependence on pure-art for livelihood.

…see you next week with two new clicks, in a different mood and with a different kind of moment.

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6 thoughts on “Street performers at Central Park

  1. Beautiful is the word! 🙂 Both the interests blends in so well…
    and no need to stunt our expectations for your ‘try’ 😛

  2. Rupa P on said:

    wow.. so beautiful!

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