Manhattan skyline: blend of nature and artifice

Manhattan Skyline from Exchange place

Manhattan Skyline from Exchange place

Manhattan Downtown from Exchange place

Manhattan Downtown from Exchange place

Moment –

It was cloudy, freezing and deserted at Exchange place in Jersey City.
It was not one of those evenings when Manhattan Skyline looks terrific at the time of sunset. The view I like most happens on a sunny day with a clear blue sky and little white cotton clouds.. a mix of reflections of blue sky, color of setting sun and Hudson creates a beautiful color gradient on Manhattan buildings.

Looking at this small piece of land from a distance always make me wonder ! This tiny piece of land has marvels of everything… engineering, business, art, economy and what not. It is like a single frame showing presence of almost everything  that humanity and scientific developments of centuries have to offer. I am one of those persons who didn’t like this city when I arrived but slowly I fell in love, which I bet everyone will some day if they see and know it. This city has enough of everything for everyone. It can not be described in a single post with two pictures But every time I look at this city this way I realize why Ayn Rand had “tears of splendor“, impressed by a city skyline, when she arrived in New York city from Russia. Today its not difficult to make a better skyline than this but what wonders me is… It was like that even in 1926 ! Walking in the streets, when I look at a random buildings (unknown to me), and wonder wouldn’t it have been the most marvelous building of some other city if, It was there and not lost in Manhattan’s jungle of concrete?

I will share more views in many more posts on this blog about this City but today I would like to share thoughts of Ayn Rand –

“The skyline of New York is a monument of a splendor that no pyramids or palaces will ever equal or approach.” (- in The Virtue of Selfishness)

“I would give the greatest sunset in the world for one sight of New York’s skyline. Particularly when one can’t see the details. Just the shapes. The shapes and the thought that made them. The sky over New York and the will of man made visible. What other religion do we need? And then people tell me about pilgrimages to some dank pesthole in a jungle where they go to do homage to a crumbling temple, to a leering stone monster with a pot belly, created by some leprous savage. Is it beauty and genius they want to see? Do they seek a sense of the sublime? Let them come to New York, stand on the shore of the Hudson, look and kneel. When I see the city from my window – no, I don’t feel how small I am – but I feel that if a war came to threaten this, I would throw myself into space, over the city, and protect these buildings with my body.”  (― in The Fountainhead)
Happy Holidays 🙂

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