Two Friends, sharing similar interests, love to wander randomly without any plans. They spent most of their time in front of screens on weekdays and in streets or parks on weekends (mostly New York City). They like to observe incredibly simple things, at different places, from a different perspective. They decided to put some of such randomness on internet to get feedback from awesome people like you… and with a hope that some day few random searches will make curious people like you land on this page – and may someday there be a pattern in all this randomness.

[While searching for a name, They explored words from… English, Latin, Spanish, French, Hebrew and.. many languages listed on Google translate page. They ended up with Yayavar (yaa-yaa-var), a Hindi word meaning (Loosely translated) – traveler or a vagabond. Originated from Sanskrit’s ‘Ya‘ which means – to leave or migrate.]

Thank you for exploring ! Please leave your comments or/and you can also drop us a line at clicksofyayavar[AT]gmail[DOT]com

 – Abhishek Ojha & Avik Basak

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Rupa P on said:

    woww.. 🙂 thanks for sharing the link and not making me put lot of effort to search for it 🙂 lovely!!

  2. Looks extraordinarily ordinary! Move on to become a globe trotter -vishwa yayavar one day!


    I hope Abhishek will be mentally satisfying as he always has been. Thanks, G. L. Sarraf

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